Combined set for the NEC Offer- you SAVE over £30on individual prices.

1-Well made, Small Setting/Engraving Ball. This handy little tool that can sit on your bench helping you to clamp awkward shapes for setting or engraving. With an allen key to unlock the ball and make it rotate 360 degrees if required. Weight approximately 1850 grams

2-Tray of Setting Blocks (Clamps). These Blocks (Clamps) are to help you hold your item of Jewellery for setting or engraving, there are 33 pieces on a tray.

3-Inside Ring Clamp.Useful tool for holding your rings from the inside. Collets expand by turning the Allen key. Comes with 7 different size collets that can be easy changed with the Allen key supplied.


Weight 2.4 kg

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