This Miniweld95 is a high performance, light weight and portable gas-generating soldering unit producing a high temperature up to 2800°C, Hot enough to weld platinum together! low cost and safe operation. This machine uses Distilled water and a choice of chemicals to suit the jewellers requirements. NO dangerous cylinder around the workshop!

These machine work in the same way as other more expensive ones on the market. They produce Hydrogen.

We have used these Miniwelds in our  our workshop for 5 years so far with out any problems.  We use Distilled water with Potassium Hydroxide  and our Green Flame in the booster tank on the front (which can be supplied). The Green Flame is self fluxing so you flux why you solder, also helps to reduces fire stain on silver.

Comes complete with torch with flashback inside the handle and an extra one attached to the machine for extra safety. Plus a range of tips to alter you size of flame.


Weight 10 kg

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