Lawson J Carr started working in the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham in 1976 and has covered many aspects of being a traditional working jeweller, including casting, manufacturing, setting, …..

In 2008, and based in Guildford, Surrey, he started The Little Ingot Company, exhibiting at wedding fairs and growing the business through referrals. Although Wedding rings have become the majority of Lawson’s business, he is a craftsman of all jewellery using any of the precious metals and gems.

In 2014, he had a fully equipped workshop based at home but had found how difficult it was as an independent jeweller, to invest in the latest technologies.

Lawson still prides himself on his old fashioned attitude and values and will continue to craft exquisite pieces of jewellery for customers.

However, in 2015, he decided that there was an opportunity to be able to source and provide top quality jewellery equipment to other independent jewellers and students coming into the trade by offering a more cost-effective option. He is not a one-stop shop for all you need, but will concentrate on being able to supply those expensive pieces at a more affordable price; pieces of equipment that will save you time and give you a return on investment.

Why Choose Us?

Lawson understands how difficult it can be to work for yourself and compete with the larger organisations. By setting up his businesses from his workshop at home he has been able to offer couples designer and hand-made wedding bands, as well as other jewellery items at an affordable price, giving them what they want for a price within their budget. It was with this same ethic that Lawson now provides high quality tools at an affordable price.  Tools that he has sourced and used himself and can therefore personally recommend.